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PPA chairman reminds US lawmakers that millions want legal poker

July 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Writing in an op-ed article in the Washington DC publication Politico this week, the chairman of the Poker Players Alliance, former Senator Alphonse D’Amato reminded US lawmakers that large numbers of American poker fans have repeatedly demanded that internet poker be legalised and regulated.

D’Amato points out that in addition to ongoing demands, there have been two highly publicised internet petitions in which players have made their views known.

Under the liberty and freedom section of the new GOP website America Speaking Out, more Americans voted to legalise Internet poker than weighed in on any other issue, D’Amato notes, adding that in an earlier initiative when then president-elect Barack Obama solicited ideas on his new website,, legalising Internet poker was one of the two top issues.

“It would be easy to dismiss this as a coincidence or as a manufactured grass-roots campaign, but there is more to this story,” D’Amato writes. “There are plenty of issues that face the American people and plenty of big trade groups to push those issues.

“But it takes real passion to get people to take valuable time out of their day to log on to these websites, give up a portion of their privacy and cast their vote for an issue. So it is extraordinary that making Internet poker legal consistently ranks as a top issue for the American people.”

The former Senator goes on to comment that it is fashionable these days for politicians to ask for voters’ input about what they want from their government, but he asks: “When will it become fashionable for these politicians to actually listen to the voters?”

He describes the current position, where the government has tried to prohibit online poker by deputising U.S. banks to play the morality police (via the UIGEA) as “bizarre.”

“Proponents of the law say that it helps deter kids from playing poker in their bedrooms. But there is little evidence to suggest that this law has deterred kids from playing poker,” D’Amato opines. “In fact, playing Internet poker is still easy to do for just about everybody. Instead of playing in a more regulated industry, the law has created an environment where there is no federal oversight – because there are no U.S. companies to regulate.

“By refusing to regulate this industry, the federal government has also decided to refuse to tax it. That means that billions of dollars in potential tax revenue go uncollected. This is just about the only industry I know of that has basically begged to be taxed – only to be ignored by politicians who refuse to listen to the desires of the American people,” he adds.

D’Amato describes the latest (HR2267) federal attempt to legalise online poker, describing the initiative in supportive terms.

“These are positive signs that somebody, somewhere, in Congress is starting to listen to the desires of the American people,” he writes.

“The freedom to play poker is not one of the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights. But when the Founding Fathers conceived of a new nation, they never dreamed that someday Congress would dream up a law to ban that particular freedom – especially when such a ban was so clearly against the wishes of the American people.

“What the Founders did envision was a government that would necessarily listen to the wishes and demands of those who sent them to Washington in the first place.

“The American people are saying loudly and clearly: ‘Repeal this silly law.’ The question today is: Are the politicians listening?”

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Win A Day casino adds keno to its game selection

July 22, 2010 1 comment

Slotland's sister casino WinADay has introduced its own unique, no-download version of the casino classic game Keno, which it describes as a straightforward, easy to play game of lucky numbers. The new offering features a dramatic, futuristic sound track on a multi-ticket game, which continues until 20 winning numbers are displayed.

“For a long time WinADay was all slot machines and video poker games,” says casino manager Michael Hilary. “This is the second new casino game that we’ve added to WinADay. Many of our players play only slots but many others have told us over the years that they also enjoy other online casino games like Roulette and Keno.”

The introduction of Keno follows the launch in April of another new proprietary game, Roulette 5, which combines slots and roulette.

“Keno has come a long way since the ancient Chinese used pigeons to deliver Keno numbers to outlying villages,” said Hilary.

“WinADay’s new online Keno is a sophisticated high tech game in which players can pick their own 15 numbers or use the Quick Pick feature to let the game select for them. WinADay Keno players can play up to 7 tickets, or selections of numbers, per game.”

For players that are new to Keno and want to get some practice before betting real money, WinADay Keno can be played in free mode or for real money.

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WSOP Main Event final table decided

July 18, 2010 Leave a comment

When InfoPowa left Day 8 of the main event at the World Series of Poker in the early hours of Sunday morning the remaining 10 players were playing to see who would be axed in tenth position to decide the final table – the November Nine as it has come to be called.

It took just on six more hours for the final table bubble boy to bust out at level 36 in the early morning hours Sunday, and it was Brandon Steven, who had been short-stacked for most of the day but valiantly tried to improve his position.

Steven was finally eliminated by Matthew Jarvis, setting up a final table comprised of:

Jonathan Duhamel 65,975,000
John Dolan 46,250,000
Joseph Cheong 23,525,000
John Racener 19,050,000
Matthew Jarvis 16,700,000
Filippo Candio 16,400,000
Michael Mizrachi 14,450,000
Soi Nguyen 9,650,000
Jason Senti 7,625,000

With average chip stacks at 24,396,667.

It had been a tough, 18 hour day for all involved.

The November Nine will draw their final table ninth position payouts this weekend and over the next few months prepare for the decider in November, when the table reconvenes to play down to a winner.

Ninth place pays each remaining player $811,823; higher finishers will win at least $1,045,738 and be paid the difference from ninth place money in November.

Here’s a snapshot of the November Nine for the 2010 WSOP Main Event:

Jason Senti of St. Louis Park, Minnesota is 25 years old and a pro player with ten series cashes that have earned him $157,528, and four circuit cashes worth $543,637.

Joseph Cheong is a 24 year old UC San Diego psychology graduate from La Mirada, California who also plays professionally and can claim cashes for 2 series of $31,064 and four circuit cvashes worth $20,890.

John Dolan (24) hails from Bonita Springs, Florida and is a pro player with five series cashes for $105,340 and two circuit cashes of $3,333.

Jonathan Duhamel of Boucherville, Quebec in Canada is a 22 year old poker pro who has two cashes worth $43,000 under his belt.

Michael Mizrachi (29) aka ‘The Grinder’ is a well known poker pro from Miami, Florida who has a WSOP bracelet to his credit, along with 23 series cashes worth $2.27 million and six circuit cashes for $323,258.

Matthew Jarvis is a 25 year old Canadian business student and amateur player from Surrey in British Columbia.

John Racener (24) is a poker pro from Port Richey in Florida.

Filippo Candio (26) is a poker pro based in Cagliari, Italy. He has one cash for $3,460 to his credit.

Cuong “Soi” Nguyen (37) is from Santa Ana, California, where he works for a medical supply company when not playing poker as an amateur.

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European Commission critical of Polish gambling proposals

July 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Poland’s controversial proposed new gambling legislation has suffered a setback, raising negative comments from the European Commission to which it was submitted for approval earlier this year.

Provisions involving online gambling and betting have already attracted criticism from the UK and Malta governments

After studying the European Commission’s comments, the European Gambling and Betting Association trade association noted that, whilst the initiative to properly and fairly regulate online gambling was laudable, the current draft contained a wide range of stumbling blocks which could prejudice companies licensed in other EU nations in the pursuit of a Polish licence.

EGBA urged the Polish government to revise the draft to bring it into compliance with the European Treaty.

Provisions which require particular attention include:

  • The requirement for licensees to be established in Poland either in the form of a joint stock company or in the form of a limited company with a very high share capital
  • The possibility to exclude companies whose shares are quoted on the stock exchanges
  • The requirement for online betting companies to install and store their servers in Poland;
  • The obligation for all transactions related to the betting services to be carried out through a Polish bank or in a branch of a foreign bank established in Poland
  • The unjustified exclusion of certain games such as online poker
  • The significant differences (in terms of financial guarantees and license fees) required for online and offline operators

“Some of these provisions seem to stem from a legitimate wish to regulate and enforce the rules for the online gaming market, but they duplicate requirements already fulfilled in other jurisdictions,” said Sigrid Ligné, Secretary General of EGBA.

“EU licensed and regulated companies can fulfill all necessary requirements on fraud prevention and consumer protection without being necessarily established in Poland. This draft law would leave Polish consumers without a fair, secure and competitive online gaming market,” she added.

In addition, some of the provisions such as the licensing requirements and advertising restrictions also beg the question as to whether the law will be economically attractive for EU licensed operators, Ligné pointed out.

The Polish draft law was notified to the European Commission and Member States on 14 April 2010. The current detailed opinion extends the standstill period until 16 August 2010, during which time Poland cannot adopt its draft legislation.

Poland is required to respond to the Commission’s views, and if it fails to take into account the Commission’s objections, infringement proceedings are an option.

There are also problems with the land-based requirements in the new law. The bill establishes the use of slot machines outside of licensed casinos as illegal and introduces significantly higher taxes on the gambling industry.

Commission spokesman Fabio Pirotta observed that certain provisions may be in conflict with European law.

“The Commission has studied information sent by Polish authorities and the Gambling Bill project. After a deep analysis it has decided to ask for more information in order to investigate whether the bill is compliant with EU law,” he said, declining to elaborate.

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Samba into the Slots Tournament at InterCasino

July 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Last week InterCasino ran a lucrative tourney on roulette which put online casino fans into a spin. This week’s tournament challenge is being played on the sultry-sounding Samba Nights casino slot machine. The tourney began on Monday July 12thth – so there is still plenty of time to get your dancing shoes on.    and will run until Saturday July 18th

The luckiest Samba Nights players at InterCasino stand to win a share of the £250 prize pool. In order to take part, players must log into the InterCasino account and head on over to the tournament section of the site. Once there, simply select the Weekly Tournament tab (currently Samba Nights) and accept the £10 entry fee.

Once you have been entered into the tournament, you will be given £500 and 30 minutes to win as much money as you possibly can on the Samba Nights slot machine. You will be playing against other players to discover the top six Samba specialists. If you are a winner in the super Samba Nights tourney, you will shoot towards the top of the InterCasino leader board.

At the end of the promotional period, the winners will each receive a real cash payout. The first place winner receives £100; the second place finisher receives £50; the players finishing in third through to sixth place receive £25 each. 

This means that after spending just half an hour at InterCasino, you could be logging off with a huge chunk of £250 in real cash. And you don’t even need to stay for the full 30 minutes – as soon as you feel your bankroll has reached big enough proportions, you can simply stop and hold onto your funds.

If you fancy joining in Samba Nights but aren’t yet a member with InterCasino, simply sign up today and you will receive a welcome bonus on your deposit of up to £125.

InterCasino are running different tournaments every week in July, so look out for the next tourneys which are set to be played on video poker and blackjack.

Don’t forget to check out the great Samba Nights slots promotion at InterCasino before Sunday 18th – get into Samba mode and you could scoop one of the cool cash prizes!

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PPA optimistic Barney Frank’s regulation bill will soon go to markup

July 13, 2010 Leave a comment

The on-again, off-again HR2267 Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act authored by Congressman Barney Frank and supported by almost 70 so-sponsors may be back centre-stage soon, according to the Poker Players Alliance, a US players association with over a million members that is active on the American political scene.

According to PPA officials at the 41st World Series of Poker currently taking place in Las Vegas, the proposal could be marked up as early as next week, presumably in the House Financial Services Committee, which Congressman Frank chairs.

The bill was introduced in the House last May, but has been delayed by the volume of other financial work in the committee, and probably by careful tactical timing by the Congress-smart Frank.

The PPA recently raised an additional $27,000 for its campaigning through a widespread appeal, or ‘money bomb’ to its 1.2 million members. The cash will be used to fund political publication advertising targeted on Washington politicians.

Frank continues to play his cards close to his chest, with PPA executive director John Pappas telling an ESPN interviewer at WSOP that the politician has hinted that a mark-up may be imminent.

The last hearing on HR2267 was in the Financial Services Committee last December when the usual for and against arguments were offered. At that time the senior (and anti-online gambling) Republican representative, Spencer Bachus, protested at the absence of officials from the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve – two key federal government departments involved in the much-delayed drafting of the regulations supporting the UIGEA, which were implemented on 1st June this year.

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AffClub Receives eCOGRA Affiliate Trust Seal – 07-12-10

July 12, 2010 Leave a comment

July 12 – Following the approval of in January this year, a second affiliate marketing administration program in the PartyGaming group of online gambling companies has successfully passed the on-site inspection and monitoring requirements of player protection and standards body eCOGRA.

AffClub handles affiliate marketer relationships and administration for PartyGaming Plc subsidiary iGlobalMedia Entertainment Limited, which operates the websites acquired from IOG Casinos and the Tradal Group in 2007.

Nine well-established, tier one internet casino brands and one successful online poker room comprise the AffClub business portfolio, including  Casino Las Vegas, Swiss Casino and Noble Casino.

“In keeping with the various other PartyGaming operations that eCOGRA reviews, AffClub operates in a highly professional manner and its focus on meeting the needs of affiliates within given control frameworks provides for a reliable and effective platform for affiliates and regulators alike,” reports eCOGRA Compliance Manager Sean Roberts who conducted an extensive inspection and assessment of AffClub’s operations before the eCOGRA Affiliate Trust Seal was approved by the standards body.

Having successfully met the eCOGRA affiliate program standards, AffClub is now entitled to display the eCOGRA Affiliate Trust Seal, which certifies that the company observes best practice operational standards of fairness and efficiency in dealing with affiliate marketers, and is independently reviewed on a regular basis.

eCOGRA chief executive Andrew Beveridge said that among the criteria for accreditation, applicant programs for the seal must show that affiliate revenue is calculated fairly and accurately, that payments are prompt, and that there are appropriate controls in place to accurately link players to affiliates.

“Achieving accreditation such as AffClub has done requires high levels of commitment and sound administrative and business systems,” he said.

About eCOGRA’s Affiliate Trust Seal:
eCOGRA is an independent, non-profit London-based standards organisation that sets online gambling standards and provides an international framework for best operational and player protection requirements, with particular emphasis on fair and responsible gambling. Best practice standards relevant to affiliate programs have been established through an extensive international research and consultation program, targeting key areas of affiliate program activity to ensure that:

  • Affiliate revenue is calculated accurately and deductions are correctly allocated
  • Payments are completely and accurately processed
  • Preventative and detective controls are in place to ensure accurate and correct linking of players to affiliates
  • Program software applications are developed, implemented, maintained and secured in a manner representative of best practice international standards
  • Affiliate programs must be able to demonstrate that they can recover from a system disaster
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