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slyfox151 ships Anniversary Million

Sunday was a busy day for poker players the world over. Not only were there the usual big guarantees to fight for, as well as the first PPUK Tour freeroll, but on PokerStars something very special was happening. Almost 34,000 runners were chasing the life-changing prizes on offer in the 6th Anniversary Sunday Million, and the action didn’t disappoint.

In total, 33,732 players donated $215 to the occasion, building a staggering $6.7m prizepool. And while all the Team Pros made an appearance, it was ‘slyfox151’ who finished with all the marbles, battling back from just five big blinds at the start of the final table to win it.

By heads-up, ‘slyfox151’ had eeked out a 2.3-1 chip lead over eventual runner up ‘blodders03’. And despite ‘blodders03’ walking away with a grand more than his conqueror – thanks to an eight-handed deal – ‘slyfox151’ won the honour of being crowned Anniversary champ.

In the final hand, blodders03 shoved from the button with Ac-Qs and slyfox151 held up with pocket fours on a Jc-8d-5d-10h-6d board.

The final table finished as follows (poor orange6):

*1. slyfox151  $480,761.38
*2. blodders03   $481,724.56
*3. HesBluffingx   $552,972.89
*4. paars_Wit   $254,827.49
*5. lalex-79   $225,028.27
*6. SASHA 2908   $187,355.63
*7. toode   $590,482.92
*8. baadger   $239,269.62
9. orange6   $53,296.56

*part of eight-handed deal

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