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California Online Poker Player Turns $100 Deposit Into $175k Bad Beat Jackpot

It is every online poker player’s nightmare to lose a hand of Hold’em while holding bullets and flopping quad Aces. But for ‘Poobah911’ at Americas Cardroom, it was a dream eventually come true.

On February 7th, the online poker player popped Americas Cardroom’s Bad Beat Jackpot, which had skyrocketed to well over $500,000.

It happened at a 6-max table in a faceoff against online poker player ‘toptrainer’, who won the hand with a straight flush. ‘Poohbah’ takes home $175,232,10, and the winner of the hand, ‘toptrainer’, left the table with a healthy $116,809.70.

It is all part of the ongoing Bad Beat Online Jackpot game at Americas Cardroom. The US-friendly online poker site is softening the blow of losing at the poker tables by paying poker players big money when misfortune strikes.

But it is not just the recipient of the bad beat who walks away a winner when the jackpot hits. The winner of any Bad Beat Jackpot losing hand stands to win 20% of the jackpot, and those who participated in the dealt hand will share 10% of the jackpot – 30% of every jackpot goes to reseed the next big one.

Sharing in the 10% was ‘Word Son’, who even earned $14,605.59 for participating in the hand. ‘Word Son’ is a 3-time Bad Beat Jackpot winner, having won $37,224.24 in December, and another $8,089.57 the same month. Continue..

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