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Probability Wants To Come To The U.S.

UK based mobile gambling software developer Probability plc has announced that it is looking to expand its operations to the United States after the Department DoJ switched its stance on internet gambling.

Probability plc CEO Charles Cohen said that the company is looking to partner up with a US based partner.

“We are very excited by the prospect of individual states opening their local markets and already it seems that several are making plans to do just that,” Cohen said in a company statement.

“This is a perfect scenario for mobile gambling because mobile is the only platform where the location of the user can be assured with any degree of certainty at the time they place their bets. Over 109,000,000 Americans are already using apps on smartphones which are capable of running our games.”

“We intend to actively pursue this opportunity and are already engaged in early stage discussions with several parties in the US to explore our options.”

The company also announced that Net Gaming Revenue rose 27% from October to December to £1.88 million. Money deposited by players was also up by 48%.

iPhone, Android and other touch devices also had a jump in players over the last quarter, with a 55% jump in deposits through those platforms.

“We are clearly seeing the benefits now of our increased and sustained investment in television advertising to attract new players,” said Cohen. “Yields per player have continued to increase, due to continued product investment and our market leading CRM capability. Net gaming revenues were not just better compared to last year; they were also 10% above July to September this year.”

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