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Living in Las Vegas – The Uncensored Truth

Very few describe life in Las Vegas as it really is – the unpolished version, what happens behind the facades. The blogger VegasRex did this. He put all the filth from the town he loves in the spotlight.

For a lot of people blogging is more about pleasing your sponsors than having an opinion.

Unfortunately this often pays off.

Like Rex says,

“I could have easily spent my days and nights blowing air-kisses and exchanging phony and insincere pleasantries at PR events.  Las Vegas welcomes ass-kissing wannabes with open arms, and this is a lure and a temptation that most bloggers simply cannot resist.”

What made VegasRex unique is that he never sold out. You can agree or disagree with his political rants, but calling him a sellout … impossible.

“I never let the Las Vegas machine corrupt the content.  Whether I was right or wrong, popular or unpopular, I took a position and I was always sincere,” he says.

We were fortunate to have Rex writing for us before he realized Las Vegas was killing him and decided to move to the North West.

As a tribute to the best Las Vegas blogger ever, here is a collection of his best, most popular posts on CasinoTop10.

Wanna know the truth of Las Vegas?

Read on.

Vindication is Mine

“Common sense should tell you that I do not think that everyone in Vegas is stupid.  This would be statistically impossible.  Not all Canadians have small wieners, and not all Las Vegans are dumb … it’s just that the majority of them do and are. “

Read the full post >>

White Lines

“So Paris Hilton was found in possession of cocaine … big f**king deal.  We shouldn’t arrest her, we should give Paris Hilton cocaine as soon as she steps off the plane.  We should give everybody cocaine as soon as they step off the plane.”

Read the full post >>

A Geography Lesson

“While the larger circle is the smelly, dingleberry-laden brown eye of the country … that dot you made is the exact point where this nation’s shit ends up.  It’s where the least competent, the least intelligent, the most violent, and the most greedy come together to bake and simmer in a dirt encapsulated cesspool.”

Read the full post >>

Neon Police State

“Because I am afraid of retribution.  Genuinely. If I did not have a family, I would not be as concerned, but I know how this police department operates.  It’s one of the reasons I fear living here much longer.”

Read the full post >>

A Las Vegas Story

“Standing there, near the corner of Charleston and Main, my child was holding a $1 bill.  It was folded into a square shape, and there was a single piece of tape wrapped around it. Of course, I didn’t just fall off the banana boat yesterday.  I knew what she had, but I really didn’t want to have to explain it.”

Read the full post >>

Next week we will come back with more of Rex’s best posts.

And if you’re reading this Rex, please move back.  

Las Vegas needs you!

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