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Nanonoko enters record books

Randy Lew in profit over 23,000 hands

Randy ‘Nanonoko’ Lew is renowned for his multi tabling abilities, but don’t just take our word for it. This week the Team PokerStars grinder claimed the Guinness Word Record for the most hands ever recorded in an eight hour session while still showing a profit (and yes, $7.65 is a profit to shout about).

In a special, erm, grinding room set up at this week’s PCA, Lew played a ridonkulous 23,493 hands across up to 40 simultaneous tables, forgoing the need to pee or eat (not necessarily at the same time) all in the name of a new world record.

According to reports, Lew was down close to $1,200 early in the challenge and with just a few hands to go was urged to fold Aces and preserve what small profit he had. But like a true online hero, Lew won a tasty three-way-all-in to add to his haul and see him over the line.

‘This is a great feeling. I finished it,’ said an exhausted Lew afterwards. ‘I had a crowd. Everyone clapped for me. I was reading chat while I was playing. I probably shouldn’t have. But people were like “Go, Randy, go!” So, it kept me pumped, and it is a good feeling when people want you to win.’

PokerStars has been racking up the records in recent years, with Nanonoko’s fellow Team Pro ElkY still the holder of the most sit-and-gos played in one hour (62 in case you’re wondering) and December’s 10th Anniversary $1  MTT smashing the record for biggest ever poker tournament field (200,000).

Here’s how Lew’s record attempt finished up:

Hands played:
Hours: 8
Hands per hour: 2,936.63
Hands per minute: 48.94
Profit: $7.65

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