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Ross Jarvis goes pro (again)

Here at PokerPlayer, we’re not known for blowing our own trumpets. But when an ex-staffer becomes the latest player to make it in the cut-throat world of professional poker, we can’t help but let out an ear-busting toot.

Ross Jarvis has been a regular contributor to PokerPlayer ever since leaving behind his role as Senior Staff Writer back in 2010 in order to chase the dream of making it as a poker pro.

And after some serious grinding over recent months, Jarvis will now receive $1,500 a month in live tournament backing, as well as free entry into the UKIPT Galway Main Event, as part of Black Belt Poker’s Blue & Improved promotion.

It marks a big change for Jarvis, who’s been able to churn out a comfortable living at the online felt playing mid-stakes cash while still producing ‘expert’ strategy articles by the dozen. And he’ll be looking to add a few more trophies the Virgin Poker Festival and Sky Poker Tour he binked back in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

Jarvis makes his debut as a Black Belt Poker sponsored pro at this weekend’s Main Event at the Fox Poker Club. If you see him, make sure you give him an extra hard pat on the back for us. Good luck Dreamer, we believe in you!

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