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NFL Betting Odds Show Tim Tebow Faces Kyle Orton with Playoffs in Reach

It may not be their only way of crawling into the postseason, but it is certainly the most exciting. This Sunday Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos will look to lock down a playoff berth with a Week 17 victory over former quarterback Kyle Orton and his new Kansas City Chiefs.

After the Tebow-Orton debate raged on in Denver for the first half of the season, the Broncos eventually catered to youth and have not looked back. Now, not only has the 24-year-old inspired a franchise sorely lacking in motivation, he has helped put them back on a direct track to success.

When the two clubs kick off in Denver this weekend, the Broncos will have the early advantage, but that is not to say a win over Kansas City is guaranteed. To this day the Chiefs – just 6-9 overall – are the only team to beat the Green Bay Packers in 2011.

Will the one-two combination of Denver’s defense and Tebow’s ‘will to win’ be enough to power the franchise to the much-needed victory? Sometimes a team’s most dangerous opponents are those with nothing to lose.

As the sun sets on Kyle Orton’s regular season, you can be sure that he will have nothing to lose against his former squad.

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