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Macau and Singapore to Surge Past Vegas

Macau eclipsed the Las Vegas Strip back in 2006 as far as total gambling dollars taken in each year, with Singapore poised by the end of 2011 to surpass the 2010 haul of $5.8 billion the Strip took in.

US casinos in Vegas might still the textbook definition of “casino” that most conjure up in their heads — huge mega resorts awash in neon and noisy slots — but more and more the shift of gambling power in the world is heading east to Macau and Singapore.

Macau has experienced recod growth in 2011 and is projected for more of the same in 2012, with the massive appetite of Chinese gamblers for high-stakes baccarat and other games seemingly unquenchable and fueling month after month of new records being set for total gambling revenue. 

Singapore has quickly cashed in on the trend as well; while it only has two casinos (which have each been open for only two years) revenues and profits have grown dramatically, with double-digit growth predicted there for years to come.

While the situation in Las Vegas has improved slightly in 2011 (with most casinos coming in with flat revenues to a 5% increase over 2010), the city is still struggling to recapture its former glory, with an oversupply of casinos and hotel rooms still a drag on overall revenues and profits.

An uptick in convention traffic and spending helped stabilize overall revenues for hotels and casinos but gambling revenue continues to be unpredictable, with gains for many Strip casinos coming from volatile high-stakes baccarat play that can swing results each month from slightly positive to slightly negative.


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