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Best Online Casino Payouts

There are many factors that go into evaluating an online casino’s quality. It is important that they have good software, are tightly regulated and monitored, have a good selection of games, offer generous bonuses and more. Aside from safety concerns, though, the most important thing is how much money they pay out.

All regulated online casinos (and you should never play at unregulated casinos) have payout standards to which they must adhere. The regulators will set a minimum payout rate and the casino must have a payout rate, on average, that meets or exceeds that rate. There is still room for a pretty big difference between casinos, though.

You should never play at an online casino where the payout rate is below 90%, because that is simply not a good deal. To be considered among the best online casino companies, a website should do even better than that. Of the casinos recommended here at Gambling Review, the lowest payout rate is 95.83%. The highest is a rate of 98.28%.

It’s important to know what a casino’s payout percentage is and what it isn’t. A payout rate of 96% does not mean that you will win back 96% of everything you wager on casino games. It doesn’t even mean that you are ever guaranteed to recoup 96% of your wagered money. The rate is an average payout percentage for every player on every game at the casino. Some games have better odds than others, so your personal rate can be better or worse based on that. Your personal rate can also be impacted by bad luck or using poor strategy. The payout rate for an online casino is the average rate that will be returned to the average player, taking all of the players and games into consideration. The rate will also fluctuate slightly, as some huge jackpot wins can increase the rate and some bad losing streaks can decrease it.

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