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Boatman falls short in San Remo

Hendon Mobster’s EPT dreams end in fourth

Barny Boatman’s lifelong wait for a major title came agonisingly close to ending this week, as the Hendon Mobster and British legend narrowly missed on out EPT glory in San Remo.

Boatman, who hasn’t won a live event since 2006, finished fourth in the €4,600 Main Event, losing out to eventual winner Andrey Pateychuk when his three’s failed to outdraw the Russian’s Queens.

The €225,000 payday was Boatman’s biggest by some margin, and he thanked everyone for their kind words throughout the final table, with many of the UK’s biggest names taking to Twitter to voice their support.

But it was on Twitter that Boatman’s harshest critic, American Kevin MacPhee, voiced his anger at the Brit’s playing style, after Boatman sent MacPhee packing in eighth place.

A short-stacked MacPhee, looking to become the first ever two-time EPT champ, folded the opening orbits before making a play from the small blind with 6c-5h. Shoving into Boatman’s big blind, the American was shocked to see a call from Qs-7s, and let loose on Twitter afterwards, labelling the Brit ‘f***ing retarded’.

‘Hi @KevinMacPhee You gave me a strong tell you were weak, though i may have called anyway. Retarded? If you say so. But no hard feelings eh?’ replied Boatman.

MacPhee later apoligised for his ‘outburst’, claiming he was ‘steaming super hard’.

Despite knocking MacPhee out, Boatman busted a few hours later, leaving Pateychuk to storm the closing stages. The Russian bust third-place finisher Daniel Neilson, before striking a deal with runner-up Dimitar Danchev.

In the final hand, Pateychuk got it in behind with 7c-6s to Danchev’s 10s-9c on a 9s-4d-2h board, only to hit an unlikely runner-runner straight.

Here’s how the final table finsihed up:

1. Andrey Pateychuk €680,000
Dimitar Danchev €600,000
Daniel Neilson €285,000
Barny Boatman €225,000
Jan Bendik €170,000
Yorane Kerignard €130,000
Rocco Palumbo €95,000
Kevin MacPhee €63,694

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