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Benny Spindler wins EPT London

Benny Spindler might not be a name you instantly recognise, but trust us, that’s all about to change.

The fresh-faced 26-year-old ‘wunderkind’ has been knocking on the door of poker’s biggest tournaments for a few years now, and this weekend he announced his arrival into the big leagues, seeing of 691 players to take down EPT London for £750,000.

After past successes at 2009’s PCA and more recently 2011’s EPT Grand Final High Roller, Spindler finally got his hands on a title his talent so richly deserves.

The German crushed a final table which included up-and-coming Brit Martins Adeniya, eliminating five of his seven opponents, before making light work of American Steve O’Dwyer heads-up.

In the final hand, Spindler’s A-K held up over O’Dwyer’s K-J, an Ace on the flop sealing the American’s fate.

‘I was never sure of the win,’ said a humbled Spindler afterwards. ‘In fact I got really lucky with that pair of tens against Martins Adeniya’s ace-king. I had been running really well the whole tournament and it was good to win that huge flip.’

Here’s how the final table finished up:

1 Benny Spindler £750,000
Steve O’Dwyer £465,000
3 Andre Klebanov £265,000
4 Juan Manuel Pastor £200,000
5 Mattias Bergstrom £155,000
6 Kevin Iacofano £120,000
7 Martins Adeniya £86,350
8 Miroslav Benes £64,000

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