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CIGA Curacao Online Casinos

The beautiful Caribbean island of Curacao is a top vacation destination. The country, which is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is home to beautiful beaches and a thriving online gambling industry, though most of the island’s visitors don’t know about that side.

An important group in the nation is CIGA, the Curacao Internet Gaming Association. CIGA is a trade group that focuses on creating fair and responsible trade guidelines for the industry, meeting the common interests of those in the market, and serving as an advocate for the gambling operators with the Curacao Gaming Commission.

There are a number of popular and reputable online casinos operating in Curacao. They have some of the best customer service and game selections in the industry. When it comes to games, among the most popular at the moment are Hitman slots.

Hitman slots are based on the popular video game that is available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The popular Hitman series of games was adapted into a 2007 film, which was much better than most movies based on video games. That movie increased the popularity of the franchise, which is now a popular slot series.

The Hitman slots are designed by Microgaming and feature excellent graphics that recall the console game. Symbols on the reel include a shadowy hitman, payoff money, various weapons and more. The slot game has animated scenes showing the hitman pulling off a job. The Hitman slots have some of the darkest yet cleanest graphics on slots. The game has the sinister tone of the source material but is expertly crafted. It can be found at most Microgaming casinos.

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