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Gambling on Facebook Dates

A first date with a man she met on Facebook turned out to be a rotten gamble for a 23 year old Leah Gibbs, who unknowingly served as his getaway driver after he robbed a Ladbrokes betting shop.

Gibbs had planned on watching a DVD with Adam Minton, who she’d met on Facebook. He had other plans in mind, though, and asked her to drive him to a shopping center so he could meet a friend.

He disappeared for five minutes then rushed back to the car, urging her to “Go!”. The “date” quickly turned sour after she drove him back to his apartment, and she was in the process of leaving when police arrived and arrested the pair.

Minton had robbed a Ladbrokes betting shop (which also offers a popular online casino) of £250, wielding a kitchen knife, but the clerk was able to get the car’s registration number and report it to police, which led to the arrests.

Gibbs was eventually freed when police were convinced that she was an unwilling accomplice in the caper. Minton claimed that drug and gambling problems led to the robbery, but he also had a history of violent arrests.

Gibbs had the following to say about the experience: “I thought I would be ending the night in Adam’s arms. Instead, he had landed in the long arms of the law and I was facing jail. I’m not a bad person. I was duped. It could have happened to anyone.”

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