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Sahamies wins biggest online pot

The high-stakes Omaha specialist makes PokerStars history

Ilari ‘Ilari FIN’ Sahamies last night smashed PokerStars records for being the winner of the biggest ever cash game pot, totalling $421,826.

The high-stakes reg is notorious for enduring large swings, sometimes winning or losing a million dollars in a day. The monster pot came a week after Sahamies suffered huge losses to Viktor ‘isildur1’ Blom, a fellow nosebleed-stakes fiend.

The pot took place at a 6-max $200/$400 PLO table, at which other pros such as Phil ‘MrSweets28’ Galfond and Andreas ‘Skjervøy’ Torbergsen were also seated.

This is how the hand unfolded: 

– ‘Ilari FIN’ raises to $1,400 from the cut-off. This is called by ‘Skjervøy’ (button) and ‘bernard-bb’ (small blind).

– The flop comes Ks-2h-3s, and ‘Ilari FIN’ leads out with a bet of $4,595, which is raised to $18,380 by ‘Skjervøy’. Both call.

– The turn yields the 9h, prompting ‘Skjervøy’ to move all in for $10,428, and ‘bernard-bb’ to raise to $91,019. ‘Ilari FIN’ calls.

– The river falls 3h. It is at this point that ‘bernard-bb’ shoves for a further $84,810, and ‘Ilari FIN’ gleefully calls only to reveal Kh-4c-Ah-6h (the nut flush) and rake in the mammoth pot. ‘bernard-bb’ shows Ad-2d-As-7s, while ‘Skjervøy’ mucks his hand.

Click here to watch a graphic representation of the hand.

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