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Owner of Atlantic City Casino Helps Nab Thief

Dennis Gomes might be better known as the co-owner and CEO of the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City (home to the second largest concentration of US casinos after Las Vegas) but he’s making headlines now for helping chase down a would-be thief.

He was having dinner with his wife on September 2 at a casino restaurant when he noticed a man approach a nearby table and take a package lying beneath it before quickly walking off.

Gomes (a former police officer and Las Vegas mob investigator who also holds a black belt in karate) leapt into action: “”When I realized what was happening, I jumped over my wife and took off after him. He took off as well and soon dropped the package. I assume he thought that’s what I wanted and would stop chasing him, but I kept going.”

Gomes chased the man through the casino, with a security guard joining in when alerted by Gomes. Gomes eventually dashed down an up escalator and helped subdue the would-be thief with the help of the security guard.

“That took me back to my school days, when I was a competitive runner,” said Gomes. “I’m just glad we were able to prevent this from happening. The safety of our guests is our paramount concern.”

The package the suspect was trying to steal wouldn’t have turned out to be much of a jackpot anyway; it held only a few DVDs and some diapers.

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