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Woman fakes burglary to cover gambling losses

Being irresponsible with your gambling and losing too much money is a bad thing. It can bring financial hardship on you and your family and it is the reason some people oppose gambling. If you do, though, it is best to come clean. What would be even worse would be to commit a crime by making up a story about burglary and sexual assault. That is exactly what one woman did, according to investigators.

According to investigators with the Riverside County sheriff’s department, a Southern California woman lied to deputies on August 9. On that date, she reported that a man ransacked her room and attacked her with a knife while attempting to sexually assault her. She said she was able to fight him off and gave a description.

The investigators noticed inconsistencies in the woman’s story, though. After they questioned her, the woman, who has not been identified, admitted to making up the story. She did it to hide the fact that she had lost money at a California tribal casino, though the amount lost is also unknown. Details about the extent of her gambling problems, if any, have not been disclosed.

The case has been referred to the prosecutors, who will decide whether to press charges against the woman for filing a false police report. Whether they do or not, this is a good time to reiterate that you should never wager money that you can’t afford to lose. If you need to commit a crime and concoct a story about a sexual assault and burglary, then that is a good indication that you shouldn’t wager the money. In that case, it’s best to not go to the casino. Responsible gambling is important at any casino, online and offline.

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