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Greece Going After Online Gambling Tax Evaders

It happens in every country in the world. People win money playing at online casinos, and then instead of claiming that money and paying taxes, the winners operate under the assumption they do not have to pay on the gambling earnings. In almost all cases, this is an incorrect assumption.

Greece is starting to crack down on gamblers who do not pay taxes on their Internet winnings. The government has set up a police task force in which the sloe intention is to seek out and target online casino tax evaders. it is a trend that has many residents concerned.

“Why now are they starting to go after this money,” said one online gambler who wished to remain anonymous. “It would seem that people have been doing this for years, not paying taxes on gambling winnings, but only now do they go after these people?”

The issue in Greece runs much deeper than just the gaming industry. The government is aiming at an increase in transparency, and part of that transparency is ensuring that everyone is paying taxes on the income they are bringing in. Online casino winnings fall into the category of income.

Other countries have tried to police this form of income before, most notably the US. While the country is currently prohibiting their residents from playing poker online, the IRS claims that any winnings from online poker needs to be reported.

It is a catch twenty-two for online gamblers in the country. On one hand, they are being told to stay off their computers and instead gamble in land-based casinos. On the other hand, if they do wander on to their computers and win while playing at an online poker site, the government wants them to pay as if the winnings were income.

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