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Chino Rheem Wins First Epic Poker League

In the first ever main event of the Epic Poker League, Chino Rheem walked away as the champion. On August 12, Rheem won when Erik Seidel went all-in after the two fought it out for 50 hands, with the chip lead repeatedly changing hands. Rheem then won the $1 million first prize and the first Champion’s Ring for the Epic Poker League.

The tournament took place over 4 days with 35 hours of playing time and 212 hands at the final table. The event was held at the Palms Casino in Vegas. Erik Seidel finished second, winning $604,330. Third-place finisher Jason Mercier won $360,970. Hasah Habib and Gavin Smith finished fourth and fifth with $237,560 and $154,260 respectively.  Huck Seed finished sixth and won $107,980.

By many standards, the new Epic Poker League was a success. The league is the brainchild of Annie Duke, who wanted to create a pros league similar to the PGA Tour for golf. The league also wants to build a brand recognition so it can cash in on eventual U.S. online poker regulation with an Epic Poker League online poker room.

Some are skeptical about the appeal of a pros-only poker league, though. The most vocal skeptic is Daniel Negreanu who has said that it has a bad business plan that will not generate enough interest from the public. Negreanu said in a blog post that he doesn’t think the league will “bring in enough revenue to survive.” The Epic Poker League signed a TV deal with CBS Sports and Velocity Network, who will air episodes of the competitions throughout the year.

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