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WinADay Progressive Jackpot Hit on Slot Machine

August 12 – Slotland’s instant online casino site, WinADay Casino follows the same formula as its parent site by linking all the games to a fast-rising, frequent-paying progressive jackpot.

This week, it was announced that the progressive jackpot at WinADay hit once again, this time on the game-show inspired casino slot game, Win a Fortune.

The winner, known as SweetGal at the casino, and Lizzie J. to the rest, won $141,641 while playing Win A Fortune.

The player, who has been a member of WinADay almost from day one, tried out the slot game at a whim as she usually sticks to her other favorites.

However, she was stunned to hit the jackpot and has already made plans to spend her winnings on a dream she has always cherished: To open her own flower shop.

"I’ve always dreamt of opening my own flower shop," said the ecstatic winner. "I never really thought it would be possible but now it is. I still can’t believe it."

Jackpot Reset to $50,000

The online casino issued a statement about the new latest win, congratulating Lizzie J. and highlighting some of the other excellent online slot games available at the site.

"Although she’s been playing at WinADayCasino.com since shortly after the instant-play casino first opened, Lizzie J said she hasn?t really played Win A Fortune very much," said the site.

"She said her favorite casino games are actually the new Fruitful 7s and Vegas Mania with Pyramid Plunder close behind. Unlike some of the more elaborate one-of-a-kind games that WinADayCasino.com has been creating lately, Fruitful 7s is a back-to-basics traditional pub-style online slot machine. Vegas Mania has all the flashing lights and exciting sounds of The Strip and the Egypt-themed Pyramid Plunder has an elaborate bonus game built into it."

WinADay said that the jackpot has been reset to $50,000 and it has already grown significantly in the last few days.

Visit WinADay today!

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