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Online Casino Poker Jackpots Bring Comfort To Some Players

The game may not be the same as playing against others in an online poker room, but the poker games offered at online casinos have had to do for many who lost their favorite online site when Full Tilt Poker shut down. The online casino poker games have even paid some nice jackpots of late.

Unlike poker sites, where the competitors are fellow players, online casinos offer an opportunity to play against the house. That is not always the best proposition for gamblers, but in recent months it has had to suffice while the poker rooms once again gain their traction.

One lucky player was not complaining on Monday when they walked away with a $219,215 jackpot on a Let ‘Em Ride game. The jackpot was one of the highest paid out on a poker game over the past several weeks.

In the UK, several players have walked away from their computers thousands of dollars richer after playing video poker games. The Jacks or Better game, in particular, has paid players twice in the past week. Jackpot Deuces offered up $39,296 to one winner on Sunday.

Online bingo has become another popular choice of gamblers in the past couple of years. The bingo games had jackpots hitting fast and furious this past weekend. In the past five days alone, eleven bingo jackpots have been hit, all upwards of a thousand dollars.

Slots remain the most popular game for jackpots on the Internet. At times, the slot jackpots hit online can rival those found in land-based casinos. Dozens of payouts occur worldwide on a daily basis, and the majority pay players $20,000 or more.

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