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Several States Eyeing Online Casinos In The US

New Jersey
Online gambling is coming to the US. That is the opinion of Massachusetts Treasurer Steven Grossman. Although the treasurer does not agree with the online gambling movement, he is prepared to back a push in the Massachusetts legislature to allow the state lottery to sell tickets online.

Massachusetts does not yet even offer its residents land-based casino gambling, and at a time when House Speaker Robert DeLeo and Governor Deval Patrick cannot find common ground on that issue, other legislators are looking to move on to the Internet gambling issue.

In New Jersey, a similar scene is about to play out between lawmakers. State Senator Raymond Lesniak has already passed one bill through the Legislature that would have regulated online casinos in New Jersey. The bill was vetoed by Governor Chris Christie, and now Lesniak is readying an effort to try again.

Lesniak believes he understands what Christie did not like about the original bill, and he has plans to fix those issues and bring a new bill to the table by the end of the fall. If Lesniak’s bill passes and the governor signs it, New Jersey would become the third jurisdiction to authorize Internet gambling.

Washington DC, the same place where federal lawmakers are still prohibiting online gambling, is set to open their first online casino later this year. The casino was originally slated to be open by September, however, the City Council has delayed the launching of the casino until a series of public hearings are held.

Nevada lawmakers have already passed online gambling legislation. In Nevada, online casinos will not become a reality until the federal government signs off on the issue. That could take more than a year, but when the federal laws do change, Nevada will be ready.

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