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Man Robs Church Bingo Game

Some churches are against gambling because they think it is dangerous. Not only is it an irresponsible and risky way to use your money, they say, but it also attracts the criminal element. There is some truth to all of that, but I don’t think a Pennsylvania church expected it to be exemplified at their own bingo night.

Sacred Heart Church, located in Braddock Hills, Pennsylvania, holds charity bingo nights. Money made from bingo is used to fund the school. Tuesday night, however, the church parishioners and other community bingo players were surprised when the criminal element showed up to crash the party.

A masked man stormed into the church, brandishing a gun, and robbed the church. He stole approximately $300 from the cash drawer, money that was to fund the school, and then fled the scene. When Reverend Thomas Burke saw what was happening, he chased after the robber, who eventually disappeared into the nearby woods. Burke admits that chasing an armed robber isn’t a great idea, attributing the decision to the adrenaline of the moment.

Sacred Heart Church is a Catholic church located near Pittsburgh. The robbery occurred at approximately 6:30 PM.

Robberies at casinos, like at this church, are not actually very common. Like any bank robbery, though, they make a lot of headlines when they happen because of the sensationalism. In truth, anywhere that has money can be a target for robbers. Casinos, like banks, actually make poor targets because although they have a lot of money, they also have tight security. For that reason, sometimes robbers will go after a smaller amount of money if it is at a place with less security, such as a church.

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