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January 26 – announced the launch of BookMaker BetPoints, a new loyalty program designed to reward both recreational bettors and high rollers alike. At each of three different status levels, players will receive a unique package of loyalty benefits, and will now have the ability to earn points on sports, casino and poker action and redeem those points for no-rollover cash bonuses among many other rewards.

"Our new BetPoints loyalty program is another example of our commitment to delivering the highest-quality gaming experience and the best value for bettors on the Internet," said Mickey Richardson, CEO of "What we set out to accomplish was to give all of our players, no matter how big or how small, the best rewards and benefits in the gaming industry today."

The new BetPoints program has three different status levels, and players accumulate BetPoints based on their status level, the type of gaming they do and the type of wager they make. Each status level has a unique structure for earning points, freeplay bonuses for reloads, and free payout offers, and also for redeeming points for rewards such as frequent flyer miles, gift cards, sweepstakes and merchandise. Players can also redeem their BetPoints for no-rollover cash bonuses. Horse bettors receive up to 8% cash back on their wagers instantly.

"It doesn’t matter if you bet on sports or horses, or if you play casino games or poker – you will now be able to earn cash-back on your action when you play at," said Richardson. "I think players will enjoy the new BetPoints loyalty program – we really tried to make it into something that everyone will want to use, and we made it so that you earn BetPoints on almost everything we offer."

In business for over 22 years, has built a reputation among sports betting enthusiast as one of the most established and respected gaming companies in the world. Featured in national media outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Times, CNBC, and more, is renowned as "where the line originates". is one of our recommended NFL sportsbooks. The site is certified by Online Gambling Insider, which means that we protect the deposits of our players through our unique $1000 online gambling deposit guarantee.

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Online Casinos might have some luck for you

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I’m sure like me you are fed up of hearing how bad the economy is getting, how badly our currency is falling against others across the world, or the dreaded R word.

They say in times like this people turn to gambling more than usual. Something I didn’t really understand until recently. Before I would have said, ‘surely if you have less money you would want to save it’.

However now I realise it’s not because people don’t want to save or that they lose all sense of reason and want to blow the money they do have. It’s simply the notion of hope, hope that they will be lucky enough to make their financial situation better.

Well I know something that we should all take comfort in, there are a lot of online casinos here that give away money just for joining up with them. A great way to exercise that hope without having to use your own, hard earned, money.

Just look at Ladbrokes Casino, Intercasino, 32 Red Casino and the others that you will find on our site review pages. All of which give you money when you sign up to play with them.

For all of you that hope to be lucky, surely you agree getting free money is a great start to being lucky. So why not try one of these amazing offers from even better operators, and see if you’re lucky.

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Steelers The Favorite For Super Bowl XLIII At Intertops Sportsbook – 01-24-09

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January 24 – Intertops sportsbook favors the Pittsburgh Steelers by seven points over the Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl on February 1st, but two players from the internet’s very first sportsbook probably don’t much care who wins – they’re going to Tampa all-expenses paid by Intertops.

"We’ve been at this a long time — we were the very first sportsbook to take an online wager ? and our bookmakers are pretty sharp," said Michl Posch of Intertops. "Sure, the Steelers are strongly favored, but upsets happen all the time, don’t they? It’s really anybody’s game until the last second."

William S. of California won last month’s Super Bowl Contest at Intertops and will be taking his wife to Tampa for the big game.

"The Super Bowl is certainly the sporting event of the year and for a football fan like me these tickets are just about the best possible prize I could ever hope for!" said the contest winner. "It’s going to be an historic game with the Steelers going for a record sixth Super Bowl win and the Cardinals looking to take the trophy for the first time. I can’t wait to see whether the league’s toughest defence can stop Arizona’s offensive power."

Many American football fans think the Cardinals, who haven’t won an NFL title since 1941, may not have a defense that can hold back Pittsburgh. Virtually every betting line favors the Steelers. The Cardinals questionable defense did help win three playoff games pretty decisively though. If the Cardinals manage to break through the Steelers’ defense, those that put their money on the underdogs will clean up.

In addition to who will win the most-gambled-on-event of the year, Intertops offers a huge range of other Super Bowl betting propositions including MVP: Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger is favored to win that at +135, followed by Arizona’s Kurt Warner at +325 and Larry Fitzgerald at +500. Intertops is also taking bets on which team will be the first to score ten points with odds of +5000 that neither team will reach that mark.

Intertops’ odds on who will win the game and a variety of other betting propositions are posted at portsbook and are updated daily. Intertops welcomes Super Bowl wagers from around the world, including the US.

About Intertops

Intertops was founded in 1983 in London with a UK Bookmakers License and relocated to Austria in 1992. They accepted the world’s first online bet in 1996. In 1997, the online business moved to Antigua while the traditional sports betting business remained in Austria. 1998 saw the launch of one of the first Microgaming online casinos. In 2001, the innovative company developed the first igaming WAP sites, enabling it to be the first to offer mobile bets. By 2003 began online poker operations, progressing to online skill-based gaming in under a year.

Read our Intertops Review. The sporstbook is one of the most trusted operations that service the North American marketplace. We have certified Intertops and our players are protected by our $1000 deposit guarantee.

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International: Kentucky URL seizure overturned

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Tuesday, the Kentucky Court of Appeals overturned a Franklin County Circuit Court decision that allowed the state to seize 141 online-gambling URLs. The appeal panel handed down a 2-1 opinion stating that URLs cannot be considered gambling devices.

According to the panel’s majority opinion, the seizure could only have been legal if a criminal court had first established that the sites’ owners were guilty of illegal activity and only if existing state laws included URLs in their definition of “gambling devices.”

However, the panel said, even if the state’s government did enact such a law it could lead to indiscriminate seizure regardless of a URL’s use and would therefore be unconstitutional.

“Suffice it to say that, given the exhaustive argument both in brief and oral form as to the nature of an Internet domain name, it stretches credulity to conclude that a series of numbers, or Internet address, can be said to constitute a ‘machine or any mechanical or other device … designed and manufactured primarily for use in connection with gambling,’" Judge Michelle Keller wrote in the majority opinion. "We are thus convinced that the trial court clearly erred in concluding that the domain names can be construed to be gambling devices subject to forfeiture."

The decision answers an appeal filed by the Interactive Gaming Council and the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association. The two organizations have represented the 141 domain names’ owners since circuit-court proceedings commenced last year.

Gov. Steve Beshear’s office instigated the legal battle in August when it filed a lawsuit against the domain names’ owners. According to the document, the named gambling sites violated of the federal Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 and therefore violated the state’s laws.

A closed hearing was held in September to finalize the complaint. At the hearing, Judge Thomas Wingate ordered the temporary seizure of all 141 URLs until a later hearing could determine if the sites had moved to block access to Kentucky residents. If the domain names’ owners did not block Kentucky residents from accessing their sites, Wingate said, their URLs would be forfeit to the state.

After several continuances, Wingate ruled that permanent seizure of the URLs was legal according to a Kentucky statute that permits state confiscation of illegal “gambling devices.”

Online-gaming operators and civil-liberties organizations see the appeal panel’s decision as a decisive victory. Many – including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Center for Democracy and Technology, and the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky – worried that the Kentucky seizure could lead to a spate of URL confiscations in other jurisdictions.

It also comes on the heels of Pennsylvania Judge Thomas James’s ruling that some forms of online poker are "skill games" that cannot be construed as "illegal gambling" according to the UIGEA. The legal definition provided by James’s decision could prevent Kentucky from taking further legal action against several sites named in its original suit because they offer online poker exclusively.

"(The appeal panel’s ruling) is a very important decision for anyone doing business on the Internet, " IGC attorney Jeff Ifrah said. "We hope this will prevent misguided state officials from considering litigation against online industries located outside state boundaries. While this proceeding was ill-conceived, the judicial process was permitted to properly function, for which we are grateful."

Wednesday, Kentucky’s Justice and Public Safety Secretary, J. Michael Brown, filed a notice of appeal with the state Supreme Court in response to the ruling.


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January 22 – The NFL’s biggest game will feature the Cardinals and the Steelers in what is sure to be an epic battle. Speculation and analysis from experts to fans is at an all time high in regards to everything from who will win, to the likelihood of an overtime, to which player will take home the MVP ? fans are even wondering about the chances of another halftime wardrobe malfunction. This being the case, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, posted odd son all things Super Bowl XLIII.

"Every year our site gets flooded with interest in the NFL’s biggest game," stated spokesman Reed Richards. "This year is no different as fans are looking for answers on everything from game MVP, length of National Anthem, even wardrobe malfunctions. "

Super Bowl Line
Pittsburgh -7 Moneyline 3/8 Total 47 5/6
Arizona +7  Moneyline 11/5 Total 5/6

Halftime Show Odds:
Playlist A: Glory Days, My Lucky Day, Badlands, Born to run: 5/2
Playlist B: Born to Run, Rosalita, Working on a Dream, The Rising: 8/1
Playlist C: The Rising, Darkness on the Edge of Town, Working on a Dream, Hungry Heart: 15/1
Playlist D: Born in the USA, Thunder Road, Rosalita, My Lucky Day: 3/1
Playlist E: Born to Run, Dancing in the Dark, Radio Nowhere, The Rising: 5/1
Playlist F: Rosalita, The Wrestler, Glory Days, Born to Run: 8/1
Playlist G: Glory Days, Born to Run, The Rising, Working on a Dream: 7/2

Number of songs played by Bruce Springsteen:
Over 3.5 3/2
Under 3.5 1/2

Wardrobe Malfunction:
Bruce Springsteen 3/1
Patti Scialfa 2/1
Clarence Clemons 4/1
Steven Van Zandt 8/1
Garry Tallent 12/1
Max Weinberg 10/1 represents a new generation of North American facing sportsbooks. The odds are generous and they run some hot promotions and some of the more entertaining prop bets around.

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Underage Gambling Being Targeted

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A huge problem with online gambling is being able to determine who is of age and who isn’t and it’s a growing concern with the large online casinos. The UK, one of the largest online gaming countries is taking strong measures to help eliminate underage gambling.  

In a recent report issued by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission found a number of online casinos do not have strong measures to combat against underage gambling. Their biggest concern with the report was the large number of children accessing online casinos and spending countless hours on gambling sites.  

In an article in the Daily Telegraph, the commission conducted an undercover investigation and found several loopholes in the detecting of minors of various gambling sites. The report has caused for increased security measures to eliminate underage gambling.  

These new measures require online gambling sites to verify gamblers name, date of birth, address, and payment information. New software has been developed to help combat underage gambling.  

Gerry Sutcliffe, UK Minister of Culture, said in a statement in direct response to the commission’s report, “The majority of the tests showed that policies and procedures to prevent children from gambling on remote sites are effectively in place.”  

Conversely, the United States is having growing concerns with underage gambling since the UK report was released. US sites do not have stringent laws towards governing online casinos and helping to reduce underage gambling. 

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International: Pennsylvania judge rules Holdem “skill game”

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Friday, Poker News Daily reported that Pennsylvania Judge Thomas James ruled Texas Holdem a game of skill. The ruling concerned Walter Watkins and his girlfriend Diane Dent, who were each charged with 20 counts of illegal gambling for holding $1/$2 live Texas Holdem games in Watkins’s Columbia County residence.

The Poker Players Alliance, a poker-advocacy organization, sees the ruling as a milestone and says it will set a precedent for online-poker cases in other states.

“Clearly, the judge had an understanding of how poker is played. Coming to this decision, to him, was not a far leap,” PPA Executive Director John Pappas told Poker News Daily. “The decision sets an excellent bar for us in the future.”

James’s decision could have profound implications for the Internet-poker industry. U.S. law enforcement has continuously pursued online poker-room proprietors since Congress enacted the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. The law, authorities argue, makes offering games like Texas Holdem over the Internet illegal.

The UIGEA prohibits Internet-gambling providers from accepting online and wire deposits from U.S. residents. However, it does not specify what constitutes “gambling” and defers to state legislators for a definition. Because some states differentiate between illegal, luck-based “gambling” and legal “games of skill,” online-poker proponents have argued that poker players’ success is primarily dependent upon how skilled they are.

These claims have been consistently undermined by the fact that no state law explicitly defines poker as a “skill game.” As a result, many online-poker advocates feared that the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s seizure of 141 poker and gambling sites’ URLs last year would result in a judicial categorization of poker as a type of “gambling.”

Franklin County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate upheld Kentucky’s right to confiscate the Web addresses in October. Yet, because the case was a civil suit concerning whether the state could legally seize Internet property it considered “gambling paraphernalia,” he did not rule on whether poker is a skill game. James’s decision is therefore the first time any government official has addressed the question of poker’s legal classification directly.

James’s decision refers to the findings of several mathematical studies, which affirm that some poker players win consistently despite the fact that all players receive an equal number of bad hands. The decision goes on to explain that a “dominant factor test” must be used in determining whether a wager is “gambling” or a “game of skill.” A game based primarily on skill, James argues, must be considered a “skill game” regardless of whether it also incorporates elements of luck. The decision concludes that “skill predominates over chance in Texas Holdem poker.”

The Associated Press reported that Watkins and Dent were arrested after an undercover Pennsylvania State Trooper participated in one of their games. According to the PPA – which helps supply counsel for poker providers facing prosecution and litigation in the U.S. – the couple did not charge a rake for their games and instead encouraged players to voluntarily tip Dent, who acted as the games’ dealer.

The pair has been cleared of all charges and freed as a result of James’s ruling. To date, no word of an appeal has been forthcoming.


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